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Our team has decades of experience matching investors with residential real estate properties, whether as fix-and-flip or buy-and-hold, or secured by a Deed of Trust, generating excellent returns.

Trust Deed Investing

We help match investors with investing opportunities in a deed of trust that can yield significant returns.

Real Estate Remains a Solid Investment

We have boots on the ground in select markets to identify opportunities to earn investors a positive ROI with a fix-and-flip, buy-and-hold or wholesaling strategy.

Renovation Specialists

Our professional construction team does it all, from small jobs to large, residential or commercial.

Greenleaf Capital Venture, LLC is dedicated to helping investors who want a far more robust ROI than they have been able to find through traditional assets such as stocks and bonds.

We offer a variety of services:

 Our team is here to help. Every step of the way.

We Do Business Primarily in Arizona and Surrounding Markets

Listen to What Some of Our Many Satisfied Clients Have to Say:

Professional, Trustworthy and Personalized Service

“I have known Evelyn Carey for some time now and have had many dealings with her. Her knowledge and professionalism are surpassed only by her dedication to serving her clients in a way that not only meets their investment needs but includes her personalized service, which instills confidence and trust in knowing all your questions will be answered promptly and fully.

“Evelyn not only took care of initially setting up my IRA and LLC but has since worked with me to find investment opportunities that have met my specific needs in order to reach my financial goals.

“I have full confidence in Evelyn’s expertise and look forward to continuing to work with her in the future.”

 — S.E.

‘Dead Money’ is Now Alive and Working

“Before I connected with Evelyn, I had ‘dead money’ sitting in institutional IRA accounts that I had minimal control over.

“Evelyn was instrumental in setting up my self-directed IRA LLC and has helped me keep my money working so I don’t have to.

“Her connections and industry knowledge have given me opportunities to deploy capital into real estate deals, and create passive income, that I would not have had access to without her.”


— K.M.

Detailed Attention to Security

“My spouse and I have invested in several DOTs with Evelyn /Greenleaf Capital Venture, LLC. Evelyn has made sure that all aspects of the investments were executed with all legal documents and property insurance provided.

“We did not proceed until we were satisfied with the security of the investments.

“We look forward to investing again with her and her corporation.”


— G.M.

#1 Choice for My Investment Needs

“Evelyn Carey had been my No. 1 choice to handle all my investment needs for many years. She is immensely knowledgeable about financial and investment dealings and takes care to ensure you fully understand every aspect, no matter how complicated.

“I am especially impressed at her professionalism, dedication to her business and to her clients, and her attention to detail.

“I  feel fortunate to have her in my corner, and I know the security of my investments are top priority.”

— J. V.

Relationships Key to Efficiency & Productivity

“When I met Evelyn Carey, through contact with other real estate investing associates in Arizona, I had a self-directed IRA set up with one company. However, Evelyn provided me with information regarding the costs and benefits of doing business with different companies, which can set up SDIRAs. I then switched SDIRA custodians, not only because Evelyn’s recommendation was the best financially, but more importantly because of her contacts and relationships and her ability to smoothly work with the upper management thereof, to get things done efficiently.

“Evelyn brings investment opportunities, so I can continue to use my IRA funds to grow in a way that is independent of what is happening in the stock market. I enjoy the peace of mind that comes with that.

“Evelyn is a joy both to know as a person as well as someone with whom to work. Her knowledge and skills to get things done make it an honor and a privilege to work with her!”

— J.W.

Approaches Each Project with Integrity and Honesty

“We have been doing business with Evelyn for quite a while. We have found that she approaches all her projects with integrity and honesty.

“She is a person whose word is gospel, and you can take that to the bank! — which we continue to do with our self-directed retirement accounts.”

— S.L. & N.L.

Team With Us Every Step of the Way

“We have known Evelyn Carey professionally and then personally since 2015. As a professional, Evelyn facilitated an easy, hassle-free IRA rollover for us.

“She did not ‘do it and forget it,’ but has been there every step of the way in the ongoing management of the account. She has an excellent reputation for her expertise with IRA Services, our rollover trust provider.

“We are looking forward to participating in Greenleaf’s investment offerings, as we know they will be well-vetted by a professional team with integrity, sincerity and honesty guided by her strong moral compass. As investors, we know we are part of her beloved family.”

— Ann and Tom Hyde

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