Greenleaf Capital Venture, LLC is led by founder and chief executive officer Evelyn Carey, a longtime real estate professional, investor, and small business owner.

Evelyn brings many years of experience in the real estate, finance, and investing sectors, but in addition, she offers an intangible that is lacking with so many others in her field: She truly cares about the well-being and success of her clients, both professionally and personally.

She is determined to identify the best options, depending on her clients’ needs and goals, and is known for going the extra mile to deliver what she promises. Clients appreciate the breadth of her local network and her reputation for integrity and professionalism.

Before launching Greenleaf Capital Venture, LLC, Evelyn managed a multimillion-dollar Deed of Trust investment program and the IRA rollover department at a Phoenix real estate investment firm for several years. In addition, Evelyn has many years of experience working for a wealth management company.

She also is a licensed real estate professional with proven expertise in business operations. She has successfully launched and run several real estate investment ventures with operations nationwide and abroad.

Evelyn is a graduate of Arizona State University, from which she received a Bachelor of Science degree with an emphasis in marketing.

Before I connected with Evelyn, I had “dead money” sitting in institutional IRA accounts that I had minimal control over. Evelyn was instrumental in setting up my self-directed IRA LLC and has helped me keep my money working so I don’t have to. Her connections and industry knowledge have given me opportunities to deploy capital into real estate deals, and create passive income, that I would not have had access to without her.

— K.M.